Otani Pottery Studio
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Otani Pottery Studio
The Otani Pottery Studio was started by Tetsuya and Momoko Otani in 2008.
It is located in Shigaraki, one of the 6 oldest pottery sites in Japan.
Each of our works are completely different in styles.
Tetsuya works with porcelain, and Momoko with iron-rich local clay 
treated with slip.
Though different in styles, we both focus on making functional wares.
The ideas and designs behind most of our pots develop from small ideas we come across in our daily lives.
We also make collaborative works when we have joint shows.
We love working with clay; at the same time we enjoy our daily life activities 
very much. Cooking, baking, farming, playing with kids, 
and enjoying the company of friends are some of the things we cherish most.
We happily live in the middle of the mountains with our 3 daughters, 2 cats, and 1 dog.
We would love to have more opportunities to exhibit our works outside of Japan.
If you are interested, please contact us.
We would love to hear from you!

1971年 神戸市生まれ
1995年 京都工芸繊維大学 工芸学部 造形工学科 意匠コース卒業
1996年 滋賀県立信楽窯業試験場勤務(〜2008年)
2008年 大谷製陶所を信楽町田代に設立
Tetsuya Otani
1971 born in Kobe-City, Hyogo
1995 graduated from Kyoto Institute of Technology. Major: Design
1996 started teaching and working at the Shigaraki Ceramic Research Institute
2008 left the SCRI to focus full-time on independent work
         established Otani Pottery Studio in Tashiro, Shirgaraki
I make porcelain table wares, vessels, heat-resistant cooking wares (pans), lampshades, and clocks.
My works are all made by the wheel-throwing process. 
My first thought for the designs of my work is that they be functional. 
I like my works to be easy to wash, easy to store, and to look nice on the table. 
In creating work I imagine how it will look when food is placed on it, 
in what kind of situation or occasion it will be used (family or single meals, parties, and so on), and I aim to  design shapes and sizes that fit well in our lives.
My works may at first glance give the impression that they are a bit inorganic (cold or austere); however, as you look closely, you can feel the soft lines and warm touches of glaze that can only be created by hand.
I think  "simple, beautiful and functional" things possess real beauty and we will never tire of looking at them. These are the types of things I am trying to make with my own hands.
1971 京都生まれ。
1990 オレゴン州立大学(アメリカ)
 -95 在学中、インドネシアに留学
1997 信楽窯業技術試験場 釉薬科
1998 同場 ろくろ科
2000 長女出産
2003 次女出産
2005 三女出産
Momoko Otani
1971 born in Kyoto-City, Kyoto
1995 graduated from University of Oregon
         B.A. Asian Studies major
         spent time in Indonesia in 1994 as an exchange student
1997 entered Shigarki Ceramic Research Institute as a trainee of 
         glazing techniques 
1998 continued training, studied throwing techniques at the Institute
1999 completed training, started making functional pottery wares   
2008 established Otani Pottery Studio in Tashiro, Shirgaraki with Tetsuya Otani
I love daily kitchen life: cooking, eating, drinking and so on. 
I think most of my works have been born of my kitchen time.
I always imagine that the sizes will fit some specific food or drink, and the way the works will look when we put something on/in the plates, cups, and bowls.
I believe that nice functional wares make our daily life rich and fruity.
Some people who own my work tell me that it has a warmth and depth that they enjoy holding in their hands.
It’s my hope that my works will add many interesting flavors to 
the lives of those who use my work.